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I'm a consultant with multi-industry, cross-functional, international experience, who has engaged in high-impact projects with Fortune-500 companies, delivering demonstrable results.

I'm an entrepreneur who leverages iOS and Ruby wizardry to create some really cool stuff. I'm also a triathlete and a proud parent.

Every day I try my hardest to become a better person and make the world a better place.

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Here is the stuff I'm working on now:

  • I'm the managing director of 8020world, a consultancy firm that uses game theory to empower executive teams to make better decisions in highly competitive environments.

    Our process is really powerful, effective, and through the clever use of technology, we generate fast insights.

    Acquisition International Magazine ran a piece featuring our work.

  • I believe in unlocking human potential. With that in mind, I joined a group of young entrepreneurs to found Everest.

    Everest is an app designed to help you live your dreams. It allows you to plan your actions, invite mentors and companions to take part in your journey, and capture your experiences along the way. It is coming in July 2012.

    I also fundraise for WorldVision, to help bring clean water to the 1 billion people in poor countries around the world that have no access to clean water.

  • I'm an active iOS and Ruby developer. I have recently architected software for few startups, and developed most of the stack for the Game Theory Application that 8020world uses for wargaming consulting assignments.

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I believe that understanding someone's values you get a head start on getting to know somebody.

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